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Apr. 30th, 2006


New Community: Ryu ga Gotoku


Kiryuu(screens from IGN.com)

"In a society where respect and honor holds great importance, there is an even higher regard for these traits within the one organization that is most feared by all: the Yakuza. Kiryu Kazuma - a former rising star in the Yakuza who is rebuilding his life after serving a 10-year prison term for murder - suddenly finds himself caught in a spiraling underworld plot involving a mysterious girl known as Haruka and a missing ¥ 100 billion ($100 million). Kazuma must use his fists and his wits to stay alive as he unravels the complex web of truth and lies that surrounds the notorious Yakuza.

For the first time, enter the Yakuza world in a thrilling adventure created by noted producer Toshihiro Nagoshi with novelist Seishu Hase. A critical and commercial hit in Japan, YAKUZA authentically re-creates the city streets and illicit haunts of Tokyo's nightlife district, with memorable characters, cinematic style, free-roaming adventure, a gripping story, beautiful but deadly fighting, and deep gameplay."

I crreated a new community for the game Yakuza (aka Ryu ga Gotoku, aka Project J). It's already been released in Japan and will be published in the US in Fall '06.


In case you didn't know ... well, never mind, I'm pretty sure hardly anyone here knows, but Yakuza is a really great free-roaming action game with RPG elements and a cinematic feel from Sega, the creators of a similar game, Shenmue. Like Shenmue, Sega blew $20 mil on the voice talent alone. However, as opposed to Shenmue, this game can never be called "boring". It's about the hot tough Yakuza gangster and his wacky adventures. It's been rated M by the ESRB for sexual themes, alcohol, blood, violence, and strong language. It's got UFO catchers, batting cages, and hostess bars. What more could you want?

So follow this game and join my cult community. You won't regret it. Check out the official site for more details, too.



Apr. 2nd, 2006




Had a fun time at the tournament! Participated in the Female Junior's 17-19 52k division and the Female Senior 52k (?). I got silver and bronze respectively, but not in the way that I would be particularly proud of. I'll leave it at that because I have no spine I'm a little embarrassed. Anyway, the other competitors in my pool were really nice, and I hope to face them again in other tournaments. :)

Resident Evil 4

And I finally decided to face my fear of horror games and picked up Resident Evil 4 (PS2) because I'm the biggest chicken in the world and I need to cut it out. But to tell the truth, RE4 is really not as scary to me as the previous RE games. When I was, like, 8, I could play them during the day with no problem, but they kept me up at night because I had/have an overactive imagination and totally thought there could really be a T-Virus that could infect my little corner of suburbia. XD

However, I find it really hard to be afraid of a lot of the stuff in RE4; enemies that are decomposing and moaning are much more scarier than ones that are intelligent and yelling things in Spanish. So RE4 is only "scary" to me in a Doom 3 sort of way; stuff pops out of nowhere and it's creepy but it's more suspenseful than frightening.

By the way, I think Leon's been taking steroids since RE2; I somehow don't remember him being so muscle-y. I know that 6 years or whatever passed between the games, but really. How old was he in RE2? Was he young enough to still be growing?? @_@

Mar. 29th, 2006



Marvel as I update my Live Journal.

Current Obsession: Shadow Hearts Covenant.

Current Want: To go to the store and use my birthday money to buy Suikoden V and probably Shadow Hearts: From the New World. Notice that I didn't include Kingdom Hearts II ... because I think it sucks that other great RPGs are going unnoticed during KH2's launch. So I'm making it a point not to get it until it's a Greatest Hits title (which is what I did with KH1). Yes, this means I'm very cheap, too.

UPDATE! Everyone's out of Suikoden V. I have to order off the net and pay outrageous amounts of money to have it shipped by tomorrow ... a.k.a, I'm screwed. ;_;

Current Anxiousness: Judo tournement in Washington this Saturday (April 1).


[continue laziness]

Jul. 23rd, 2005


My Perfect Hell

If I were God, this would be hell, like, as of now.

Circle I Limbo

Your Mom, PETA Members
Circle II Whirling in a Dark & Stormy Wind

Edison Cheng, Bill Gates
Circle III Mud, Rain, Cold, Hail & Snow

Oakland Raider Fans, Hitler
Circle IV Rolling Weights

General asshats, Mao Tse-tung
Circle V Stuck in Mud, Mangled

River Styx

Racist People, AP Governent Homework During the Summer
Circle VI Buried for Eternity

River Phlegyas

Micheal Bolton
Circle VII Burning Sands

Circle IIX Immersed in Excrement

Circle IX Frozen in Ice

Design your own hell

But unfortunately, this isn't hell, because here I am trying to do AP Government homework. ;_;

Edit: Lol, no, for any Tidus fans reading this, I don't hate Tidus. In fact, I meant to put him in the same level as Wankers. A sign that Videogame Recaps has corrupted me, I suppose. :-)


Jul. 3rd, 2005


I got tagged

I got attacked tagged by Nancy (kiku_cha8_8). "Top ten anime/manga guys?"

In no particular order:

  • </font>

Nov. 25th, 2004



I like doing homework, sorta, but being swamped kinda sucks. Haven't colored the RoyAi art I did ... maybe during the winter holidays. It's all good. :D

I discovered Death Note, too. I <3 scanlations. Click on Manga Feature in case you haven't read it. :)

Ganked from maxthebd

My journal is called _____ because _____.

It's called "Reapers Eat Apples" because I just read Death Note. :)

My subtitle is _____ because _____.

"Melly's Live(except not) Journal"... because I never update. :)

My friends page is called _____ because _____.

"Wow! there's a lot of friends in wonderland!" I read Alice in Wonderland in Old German. Crazy old kraut font.

My username is ____ because _____.

costa_del_sol ... because it's a beautiful place in FF7. Everywhere else besides Wutai in that game looks unlivable. XD

My default userpic is _____ because_____.

I made Jay Chou as Roy. Ah Photoshop, LOL... because Jay is already going to be starring as the main character in the live-action Initial D movie. So why not be Roy. The Chou pic is from his new album cover.

Sep. 21st, 2004


(no subject)

Yay, yesterday mama and I caught the Japan fest ... the last 30mins at least. XD We always go to Uwajimaya every Saturday at 4:30PM anyway, so we saw the last of it, which was the band A-Key Kyo performing. It was cool so we sat down to watch, and my mom said, "Melly, why didn't you tell me about this earlier? We could have [attended] the festival all day yesterday!". And I was just like ";_;", cos last year, she didn't want to go, which is why i didn't ask her to go earlier. ;_; Oh well, at least next year i might have a camera to take photos. :D

After we went into Uwajimaya for groceries (Kino had its usual Fullmetal Alchemist book shortage and mom still refuses to take me to Animenia even though she knows the owners T_T), we at at the Golden Crown across the road. It had an underground restroom, nasty messages scribbled on the bathroom stalls, and a muscular waiter that looked like some kinda Hong Kong action star. 8-O I wanted to eat at Noodle Me, but we tried the door and found that they had shut down business ...

OK, I scanned my drawings but ... It's gonna take forever to color them. TT_TT Especially with all my homework!! But i'll finish the Royai one first. :) look at my new icon!! guess where he's from!!! hint: it's his only LJ icon EVAR


Sep. 7th, 2004




Do you think it's weird that I've been waiting and wanting all summer to get back to school, but now the day before the first day I dun wanna? Even though i've studied and drawn and spent my summer playing videogames and going on the internet pretty productively, I still feel like i took it for granted. TT_TT I'm gonna miss sleeping in on a weekday ... I haven't made my bed today, which is a first. I keep on getting up, doing something, and going right back to bed. I went and watched last night's Sky Sports Throught the Night (HAHAHAH beckham HAHAHAHA) and ate breakfast then went back. Even now, during web page loading times I got back to bed. O_o I really don't want to waste today, it's my last day before the 10 months ahead where I'll have no free time!!! But ...

I'm really happy to go back to school!!! Back to friends!! And back to work!! :DDDDDD

... lol i think that last line just negated the whole first paragraph. w00t

I finally picked up Bleach volume 1 yesterday when i was out at the mall buying school shoes. It's really great, too bad i didn't pick up volume 2 too. :) W00t for my new icon. XD

edit: d'oh my Royai animated icon is too big, and since Photoshop isn't recognizing .gif files(how do I fix that? 8-(), I can't make it smaller than 70k. ;_; So, the Riza/Jean one will have to do. XD

Sep. 5th, 2004


(no subject)

OMG ... I got addicited to Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution. It's ... too ... good! My fingers have cramped! My hand muscles hurt! You can accessorize in Quest Mode!! OMG ITS TEH ROXORS!!!111 If you haven't played it ... pick it up. I don't care if you don't like fighting games(it's got mountains of tutorials anyway), it's like 15 bucks and there's so much to do ...

Also ... I've drawn several more pics by now(a Royai, Havok, and Havok/Hawkeye to name some) but i have no access to a scanner right now. ;_; I'm trying a non-Arakawa-style Roy too. I want to make it Range Murata-style.

BTW Bayern was beat by Leverkusen ... 4:1. I almost felt like chucking my Bayern scarf out the window, but it is currently tied around my giant San-X panda and looks cute so i will not. ;_; But, i suppose it is just the beginning of the season, right? Yea ...

Royai 50 Questions Answers :)Collapse )

Jul. 29th, 2004


56k Dial up Sucks

I'm happy i'm done with my History report. :D Such a nasty burden offa my shoulders.

Also, 56k sucks. All i'm doing now is downloading the 11.2MB torrent of the new FMA opening sequence song Rewrite (11.2 seems big enough to be the actual clip of the opening ;_;), and i can hardly surf the web in any other windows without pages timing out and taking 5+ minutes to load. ;_; And now it's stuck at 99% ....

did i ever mention how much I love GBA roms and emulators. Visual Boy Advance is teh cool :D FMA Omoide no Soumeikyoku is so fun ... and it would prolly cost me a small fourtune to really import it. XD

i <3 ロイアイ

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